HER Lean

This high energy inspired program will challenge you to up the intensity and motivate you to make the most of every round.  

With the goal of burning body fat, you will also experience an improvement in your cardiovascular health & endurance. 

You’ll release stress, have a blast and be sure to soak up the positive vibes around you!


This is program designed to help you to attain the body of your dream with a targeted training plan that will whip butt, hips, tummy, arms and every problem areas into top shape!


This program demands that women put down the “Barbie” weights, step away from treadmill and begin a strength & conditioning regime that gives women real results. Start witnessing changes in your body, fitness, and mindset! This program is suitable for novice and intermediate lifters.


This program is crafted to help you relieve pain, prevent injury and improve physical performance. The methodology is to help you with your movement, mobility, range-of-motion and recovery.



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