Kettlebell Training Group Classes for Women

The High-Intensity Interval Training designed to maximize calorie burn, improve cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscles. It is a combination of plyometric movements such as jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups.

Female Strength Training Classes For Women

The 60-minute Strength Training designed with female body anatomy in mind to work on major muscles to build strength, tone and shape the entire body. This will help increase core strength and improve bone health.

Boxing Group Classes For Women

Boxing HIIT is a fun collaborative class, based  on learning proper stand up technique, improving limb speed, strength and stamina by incorporating punching, kicking, movement and weight training performed at a high-intensity level.

Female Stretch & Conditioning Classes 

Designed to help increase your mobility and flexibility, this stretch and conditioning class for adults focuses on increasing core strength, flexibility and improving technique through alignment. It also improves posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position.

TRX Suspension Classes for Women

The 45-minute full body TRX suspension training will help sculpt your body into incredible shape. The TRX exercises help to burn fat and sculpt your muscles by engaging your core, glutes, as well as your arms and legs.

Female Obstacle Training Classes

This outdoor obstacle training is designed to push your limits, test your strength, and challenge your endurance. Besides your fitness capabilities, you will be learning the obstacle course techniques to get you clear the obstacle efficiently. Are you in?


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