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How To Stay Strong During COVID19

A letter from Herlifts Founder, Jacqui Heng

Hi there,

I’m taking this morning off from my regular work because I want to touch base with you, heart to heart.

This coronavirus pandemic is real. People are getting panic, fearful, anxious, frustrated, and uncertain. My heart goes out to you who have old folks and the sick that have low immunity, you parents who are worried for your children when are put in schools, our frontliners such as nurses, doctors & teachers who are working tirelessly, some of you who just got laid off from work or getting a pay cut, and business owners, entrepreneurs & freelancers who are coping to stay afloat.

I’m here to support you.

First of all, wherever you are in the world (or in Singapore) I hope you and your family are safe. I wanna share with you that you FIRST need to take care of your physical health & your mental health. We are living in our body and that’s the only place we can get full control on and I want US to show up as our best.


Ok, so let’s start with these 3 questions:

1.     How can I still get fit & healthy even when at home?

2.     What should I eat to nourish my mind & body?

3.     How am I feeling right now (depressed, anxious, frustrated..)? What should I do?


Write the answers down if you can, and you will be able to slowly find what suits you. I’m also going to point you to resources that can possibly support you.



  • Stay home workout programs - Her Firestarter Program: It is an 8-week workout guide that you can do at home without equipment. We are sharing this with you free of charge.

  • Her Best Version 28 Day Challenge: This is for you especially if you’re quarantined at home and want to get your sanity back. It will whip you back into adopting a healthy habit with your fitness, nutrition & mind.

  • Want to lift some weights?

    • You can consider getting some dumbbells and kettlebells for your home. Here are the local gym suppliers that we love: Gymsportz & Tribal Fitness





  • Groceries List: Stocking up your kitchen, follow this bulletproof groceries list.

  • Local Green Juice: To increase your immunity you can purchase the green juice from a local supplier that I go to, Mou Gou.



  • Breathing Tutorial with Wim Hof: A technique that I use very often with myself and my private clients that helps relieve stress.

  • Webinar with Mindscape: If you want a more in-person communication to reveal your inner self, Daphne is conducting webinars. Keep a lookout on the dates & time.

  • Essential oils from Ollie: I love my essential oils. I got mine from this local supplier, and their oils are all 100% natural & pure. This is a game-changer for me, as it puts me in a state of calmness. I usually put lemongrass in my diffuser during work hours as it smells ‘clean’, and lavender oil before I sleep so I can sleep better.


We are also calling out to our frontliners (our nurses, doctors and teachers) who needs fitness & nutrition support. From today onwards, you can make an appointment with me & my coaches, we jump onto a 15-min call, and come out with a self-care plan for yourself.  


Lastly, let us not forget that this is a world crisis and there are people around us that really need your help. Please lend your hands and be kind towards one another. Stay together, stay strong and stay positive!


With love,


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