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The Lean Academy is interrupting how this fitness industry works.

Stop wasting your money on unlimited personal training sessions that not only can’t give you the best results but also take away your independence in understanding the mechanics behind losing weight!


A one of a kind, 12 week strength-training program designed for the modern day woman in Singapore.

Built around the core values of Herlifts; Eat Smart, Train Well and Get inspired with us, The Lean Academy aims to educate you in attaining your personal fitness goals.


Always wanted to have your dream body?

Always wanted to eat healthier but never knew how to?

Have you felt like you wanted to improve yourself in terms of performance or the way you feel?  

Always wanted a personal trainer to attain that dream body?

Look no further, the Lean Academy is the program for you.


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GET STRONG INSIDE OUTGain Strength through twice a week training in an all female environment. You will go through 3 phases of workout to learn the foundational techniques to lifting and strength training. Never fear.png

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PHASE 1: Building the Right Foundation



To kick off The Lean Academy, the Herlifts Team and Head Coach Jacqui will kickoff the program with a briefing of what to expect from the program, conduct  a fitness assessment to aid in the designing of the training program and to record down members’ measurements. You will also be registered this week and receive a complimentary starter kit to motivate you on your fitness journey. The Herlifts Team will also share with you about performance in everyday life to help you achieve high performance in your training and at work.


Week 1-2:

As safety is our top priority here at Herlifts, Week 1 & 2 of the program would center on teaching and guiding you through the basic moves of Strength Training, which will help you through building Strength foundation for their 12-week program. Injury prevention will also be taught to you in the first week of the program to reduce the risk of sustaining injuries from Strength Training.


Week 3-4:

Week 3 & 4 program will continue to revolve around getting you to build Strength Foundation to equip and aid you in the foundations and what to look out for when practicing Strength Training.


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PHASE 2: Tone Up! "Hypertrophy"


Week 5:

With the coming of Week 5, we will switch up the program to a Hypotrophy program, which aims to build muscles in your body. The program will be more challenging than Week 1 to 4, but the results will be worth it.


Week 6:

At the halfway mark, we will continue with the Hypotrophy program, where we aim to promote muscle growth in your body. As a pound of muscles burns more calories than a pound of fat, the building of muscles in Strength Training will help you to tone up and increase your metabolic rate at the same time.


Week 7-8:

At the last Week of our Hypotrophy programming, you will start to notice yourself getting stronger and the exercises you are doing to become easier. That is a sign that your muscles are developing and that you are toning up!


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PHASE 3: Build your Strength & Get Really Strong!

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Week 9:

At Week 9 we will introduce power movements to our members now that you are getting used to the Hypotrophy programming. Power Movements will consist of more complex exercises now that you have mastered the basics of Strength Training.


Week 10:

We continue with Power Movements at Week 10 with new and different exercises to keep things fresh for you.

Week 11-12:

At the last week of The Lean Academy, we end off with the third and final week of Power Movements, which you will have become a master at. You will realize at this juncture that you have grown much stronger, not just in terms of your physical capacity, but also your mindset and determination. Happy graduation from The Lean Academy!

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